Carving Stories into Clay


Stevei Houkāmau

Stevei Houkāmau

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Wed 02

8am -12pm


Thurs 03

8am - 12pm


The Suter Art Gallery






Please note this is a 2 day workshop.

Join Stevei for an 8-hour workshop, spanning across two days, where participants will hand-build and shape unique kakano (seeds). Together with Stevei, explore techniques to mark your kakano with your own whakapapa (genealogy) or stories. Stevei will also demonstrate her carving techniques and collaborate with each participant to transform their kakano into wearable taonga (treasures).

Stevei Houkāmau anchors whakapapa at the core of her uku (clay) practice. Her creations, stretching beyond her personal narrative, interlace with the Māori heritage of craftsmanship, migration from te Moana nui a Kiwa (the Pacific Ocean), and spiritual connections with Atua (deities), exploring the profound link from Atua to tāngata (people).

This workshop is aimed at


skill levels.

Workshop Equipment and Requirements

Additional tools/ objects participants can bring:Small woodcut, carving tools (if they have them)Clay tools if they have them, kidneys etcObjects that make interesting patterns, markings, embossingDesigns or references they may like to use.

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