Handbuilding, a Basic Technique

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Christine Boswijk will welcome participants to her studio for a unique learning experience.

The day will begin with a meet and greet, where attendees can get to know each other and discuss with Christine what can be achieved in their own practice in the future. Christine will then demonstrate a clay stretching technique, coiling and decorative finishes to make a fruit a bowl using a mould. Following the demo, participants will get to practise these techniques with assistance from Christine and her daughter Kirsten, who is also a potter and has been her technician for major commissions.

Christine's home and garden hold a large collection of her works, providing visual and tactile inspiration, as well as great examples of the variables achieved, both in scale and interpretation, through a simple method of coiling (handbuilding).

Fri 07 • 10am - 4pm
Day 2
Skill Level
Christine Boswijk Studio, 190 Hoddy Road, RD1 Richmond, Waimea
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About the Tutor

“There is a haunting beauty and spiritual quality in the highly acclaimed ceramics of Christine Boswijk singly or in groups, her abstract sculptural images have presence which evokes feelings rather than a specific narrative. They act as triggers for viewers who bring their own personal experiences and stories to them.”

– Helen Schamroth, 100 New Zealand Craft Artists, 1998

“The main concern in my work is that which goes beyond form and space – rather more the ‘Poetics’ of space – that zone between what we see and recognise, as apposed to how we respond within our poetic imagination and individual consciousness.”

– Christine Boswijk