High Fire Raku


Aaron Scythe

Aaron Scythe

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Sun 29

8am - 12pm









Please note this is a 2 day workshop.

Join Aaron in this workshop as he leads participants on an exhilarating journey through the fiery world of raku. Discover the intricacies of his decorating techniques, witness his distinctive throwing style, and experience the thrill of firing your own teabowls in a high-fire raku kiln, Hikidashi style!

This workshop is aimed at


skill levels.

Workshop Equipment and Requirements

Attendees are to bring 2 bisque fired tea bowls to the workshop to be fired during the workshop.Participants have to wear clothes only made with Natural fibres.Ie cotton, linen and wool .Plastic clothes are to be avoided.Also people with long hair should be able to tie it back if they are helping unload the kilns.

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