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Suzy Dunser

Suzy Dunser

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Tues 01

8am - 12pm



Community Potters






Please note this is a 2 day workshop.

Discover what makes a round pot distinctive in this workshop, where the emphasis lies not only on the body of the vessel. Participants will explore the art of finishing a pot and imbuing it with character. Discussions will focus on recognising the subtle details that make an artist's work uniquely identifiable. Attendees will learn techniques for adding definition to rims, feet, handles, and more, and will have the opportunity to practise incorporating these techniques into their own creations.

This workshop is aimed at


skill levels.

Workshop Equipment and Requirements

Students should bring any pots or images that inspire them, throwing and trimming tools, and if desired/possible, leather hard pots for trimming or adding handles onto.

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