Rock Glazes


Janeen Page

Janeen Page

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Sun 29

8am - 4pm


Mon 30

9am - 3:30pm


Travel - Meet at Potters Square






Please note this is a 2 day workshop.

Join Janeen for an enriching two-day workshop that begins with an insightful field trip around Nelson, exploring the region's offerings. The workshop will focus on the development of glaze samples and delve into Janeen's research on New Zealand rock glazes.

According to Barry Brickell of Coromandel participants should bring “...a bottle of dry red wine, six inches of salami, two or three apples, several plastic sample bags, a notebook, a drinking beaker and a raincoat should suffice as essential equipment for a day in the field....”, but each to their own.

This workshop is aimed at


skill levels.

Workshop Equipment and Requirements

Participants are encouraged to come prepared for a field trip, a notebook, comfortable walking shoes, sun protection, water, and a picnic lunch and mug bisqued using high-fired stoneware (available upon request)

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