The Paper Clay Revolution


Graham Hay

Graham Hay

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Tues 01

8am - 12pm



The Suter Art Gallery






Please note this is a 2 day workshop.

Embark on a lively and informative journey into the world of paper clay in this hands-on workshop. Paper clay, a versatile medium formed by adding paper to clay, provides an accessible entry point for beginners and expands creative possibilities for seasoned artists. Gain insights into its diverse applications as it becomes increasingly popular in studios and classrooms worldwide, constituting a significant portion of clay use. Learn essential techniques such as joining dry to wet, wet to dry, and dry to dry paper clay, unlocking the creative freedom to craft, alter, and repair artwork, even when fully dry.

This workshop is aimed at


skill levels.

Workshop Equipment and Requirements

Workshop participants to bring, but only if they already have these:ice cream (or similar 2 litre) plastic container with a lid2 x large rubbish bin plastic bagsAn old newspaperSharp knifeLarge art or small house painting brushPlastic bucket and spongeHandtowelClay tools (or kitchen knife, fork and spoon)A wooden potter batt or plywood board (approx 30 cm x 30 cm) to move workBall of wool?

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